Making Medical Billing Easier

Medical Billing is focused on assisting doctors, facilities and agents with the medical billing process as efficiently as possible.  We work with you, your patients, your hospitals, your agent and the insurance companies through our secure online gateway to streamline this service.

Our many years’ experience to date with doctors is that they have a significant number of claims pended, rejected or simply unrecognised.  Many busy doctors don’t have the time to sort out historic claims and may unwittingly lose a percentage of their income. Even with a 90% recovery rate, you can quickly build up a significant outstanding balance. Our success rate more than covers the cost of our service – this frees up your time and removes a layer of unnecessary administration.

Real Time Invoice Generation

Our system allows you to process credit card payment and issue receipts.  This is ideal for consult billing and getting paid for medical reports.

If you want a hassle-free way of taking payments from patients for consults or if you want to get paid in advance for your medical reports, we are here to assist you. 

  • Create invoices for your consults
  • Take payments online in real time
  • Automatically e-mail receipts directly to your patients

Automation and Data Processing

Medical Billing has a proven track record of converting raw data files into usable documents in an automated fashion.  We have worked with facilities and individuals to develop customised solutions, tailored to clients’ specific needs.

Data received is securely sent back to hospitals as invoices and claim forms. Claims can also be created for doctors’ approval and completion.

Group Practices

We specialise in providing services to group practices. Our system can record an unrivalled level of detail. We have a long term, proven track record of assisting large Radiology Groups and Pathology Groups. We can deal with large volumes of data with a speedy turn around. 

References from existing clients are available on request.

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